About Trischler Design Co.

Trischler Design Co. is a creative design team that creates and clarifies your brand identity through print and digital design. We offer precise clarity, insight, and direction into finding the voice of your project or company.

We empower committed and ambitious voices to find the core of their message and equip them with the material resources to communicate their unique identity through practical and innovative ways. 

Trischler Design Co. is located in Cincinnati, OH.

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 D.J. Trischler, Founder and Design Director of Trischler Design Co.

D.J. Trischler, Founder and Design Director of Trischler Design Co.

D.J. Trischler, Owner and Design Director

D.J. hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He graduated from La Roche College with a B.A. in Graphic and Communication Design in 2007. The following year he launched his career in Chattanooga, Tennessee, working with Widgets & Stone  under AIGA Fellow, Paul Rustand.

In 2011, D.J co-founded  D+J Brand Consulting. In 2014, he began to focus primarily on the expansion of his personal brand consulting work, Work With D.J. In 2018, the brand grew into Trischler Design Co.— an expansion that reflected D.J's vision for creative collaboration through a fully-fledged design studio.

D.J.’s clients and projects have included:

  • One of world’s most innovative libraries (Chattanooga Public Library)
  • The first custom municipal typeface in the United States (Chatype)
  • The next generation of cloud computing (Joyent)
  • Everybody's second-favorite hippo in Cincinnati (Indigo Hippo)
  • And the fastest growing decorator of glass packaging (CLS)

In his spare time, D.J. is an adjunct professor at University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning.

D.J. loves gelato and tacos, and can often be found walking somewhere with lots of trees. He lives with his wonderful wife Megan in Cincinnati's greatest neighborhood, Northside.

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our core attributes and qualities

We're Thoughtful.
We know the importance of the process behind an epiphany, so we pay attention to mindful ways of thinking and connecting ideas. Clarity is the result of prioritizing contemplative, rational, deliberate sources of information and inspiration. We attentively examine and explore the elements of you story.

We're Collaborative.
We're a team of diverse talents that knows how to work together. We share the collective mission, and celebrate the way each unique contribution merges with a cohesive goal. The result is a symbiotic, communal achievement: a blending of many voices into one.

We're Enthusiastic.
For us, it's about more than just doing a job— we're truly excited by the formation of a compelling message. We're energized by crafting and honing the raw materials of stories and ideas from passionate people into a singular, distinctive voice.

We're Resourceful.
We've got more ideas than we know what to do with— and we aren't afraid of using them, either. We've got clear vision, insight, and awareness in our tool chest. But our real secret weapon is found in our relational connectedness— we've put together a network of some of the best innovators out there.

Our Mindful Design Approach

We are energized by working with passionate people who are eager to grow and expand their ideas in innovative ways. We're thoughtful and thorough in our design approach— we employ these Mindful Design practices to arrive at new places of clarity and inspiration. 

Design Discovery
We facilitate and direct a conversation with members of your team and community to assess themes and strengths essential to the direction of the project.

Design Direction
We observe and experiment with ideas gathered from the workshop to brainstorm a variety of potential strategies and themes.

Design Reveal
We craft and display a projected brand design through a designed collection of tools and materials useful to the project's newly unified voice.

Design Implementation
The finalized design from our consultation is put into place through practical and versatile printed and digital offerings.