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Takeaways from The 2019 DB|BD Conference

Ethics. That was the resounding theme of The Design of Business | The Business of Design conference at MIT this past weekend. It was also what attracted me to the event (beyond rubbing shoulders with my favorite living creatives).

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Breakthrough Cincinnati Brochure and Video

Breakthrough Cincinnati is one of my favorite local non-profits. Beyond their incredible work with teenagers, I love that they're willing to spend time upfront on discovery processes before jumping hastily into design. We began our partnership two years ago with a workshop, and each year, we try different approaches to finding inspiration for design and communications. This year, we began by interviewing donors to better understand what inspires them to invest. 

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Northside Depot One-Pager

Trischler Design Co. calls The Northside Depot home. While I’ll often work from my house, it’s helpful to have a separation between my house and work, by setting up at the Depot. I also get to work alongside talented creatives and thinkers who on multiple occasions, have helped me over hurdles on projects. Another perk is that the space is absolutely beautiful and much more professional for meetings and workshops than my house. All that to say, it’s a cool spot with great people, and I want more people to know about it.

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