Featured Work

We’ve been collaborating with China Partnership since 2015. They’re an organization based in the US that supports the church in China. The work has long been overdue in our portfolio. With the completion of their 2018 Annual Report in May, we decided it was time to share the fruit of our labor.

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Meet Our Summer Intern

This summer we’re excited announce our very first design intern, Jensen Healey.

As a teacher (and former student), I recognize that so much of design is learned outside the classroom and inside the studio on real projects. That’s where I learned the most (thanks, Widgets & Stone!), and I have long had the hope to share my real-world processes and experiences with younger designers. Beyond that, I could use the help!

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I’ve benefited from the following thoughts and matter this month and I think you will too:

The summer semester has started, and I am teaching another capstone course. This time around, the students are focused on defining and researching their projects. Click here to follow their progress on the class’s Medium publication.

Jenny Odell wrote a book called “How To Do Nothing,” and talked about it with Ezra Klein. I haven’t read the book, but I want to after listening to their conversation.

One of my favorite designers, Michael Johnson, wrote another excellent book. It’s called, “Now Try Something Weirder, How To Keep Having Great Ideas And Survive In The Creative Business.” I’m stewing on tip 81 (of 333), “Repeating your ideas? You may need a reboot.”

Speaking of books, I’ve revisited two books this month that I previously read. Siddartha and The Alchemist. Both were even better the second time around and have left me with more questions than answers (like, what is my personal legend?).

These Pansy Luchadores by Austin Kleon made me smile.