Featured work

We’re celebrating the launch of a new website for MMC! We started working with MMC earlier this year (thanks to a generous referral from a friend/colleague). The scope of our work included workshops with their leadership team, brand consulting, and website design. This was a bit of a wildcard for us in that we didn’t design the brand identity. That was done by VSA Partners out of New York City. But we walked with MMC through the whole process. We learned a lot and look forward to a continued partnership.

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Design with your whole body

As a teacher, I am grateful to play a role in preparing design students to tackle problems differently, today and in the future. I'm noticing that the biggest hindrance to that kind of creativity is an inability to design with the whole body: the head, the heart, and the gut. I know this well because I'm not so good at it either.

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I've benefited from the following thoughts and matter this month, and I think you will too:

I shared this video on how to draw by Lynda Barry with my Capstone students. I think it's connected to designing from your gut (see post above). I can't explain it, but using my hands, rather than a keyboard or mouse, to write and draw always leads to good things.

This Ted talk by Manoush Zomorodi will make you want to take more walks and carry your phone less. She calls us to be "bored" more often because that's where creativity happens. 

Semi-related to the article above, "The world needs a tech diet; here is how designers can help" is a lovely micro-site about what designers can do to design things that don't demand peoples attention so much. Thanks to Seth for the share. 

A cookbook of subversive printing techniques - need I say more? Thanks to Korina for the share. 

Seek is a fun app that helps you identify flora and fauna (while contributing to a massive worldwide database). It using magic to recognize plants and animals through your phone's camera.

Lastly, I'm happy to know that somebody spends their days looking for stones that look like letters.