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Mortgages are like weeds. You pay it down monthly, but it never seems to go away. TakeRoot is a campaign led by University Christian Church (UCC) to raise $350,000 over three years to pay off its building’s remaining mortgage. I go to church at UCC and was asked to work on the campaign’s marketing team along with my good friend, Seth Lucus (wayfinding and environmental designer at University of Cincinnati). Together, Seth and I created the visual identity including the name, wordmark, illustrations, and collateral materials. The strategy for the campaign was led by Rick Vilardo of TC Ministries.

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What’s The Big Idea?


One to six words that drive everything. That’s the Big Idea.

It tells who you are and shows the good you offer to people. It brings your team together and invites others in. Big Ideas are simple yet lofty. They bring clarity to the complex. They need to be understood immediately and easily shared. Like a person, organizations are compelled by their unique identities and callings—that’s Big Idea territory.

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I’ve benefited from the following thoughts and matter this month and I think you will too:

Justin Donaldson, a student in my Capstone Course, created this delightful promo video for the 2019 DAAPworks exhibition this May using kinetic type and images.

I’ve been listening through The Distiller podcast produced by my friend Brandon Dawson. It’s a lot like Mr. Rodgers for adults. In each episode Brandon interviews a different citizen of Cincinnati uncovering what makes their work meaningful. Megan (my wife) is interviewed in episode 8.

Like Rick Steves? Then you’ll love this article about how taking a vacation can save the world. Thanks to Ben Greenberg for sharing.

This letter to a young poet by Rilke is as relevant today as it was back in 1903. In particular, I love this question: “Ask yourself in the most silent hour of your night: must I write?”

Lastly, should you ever find yourself in Tampa, try the Cuban sandwich at Bobby’s. It’s worth the trip to Florida in and of itself.