CincyFlags Unveiled!

Cincyflags’ purpose was to design a flag for every neighborhood in Cincinnati. All 52 flags were unveiled and displayed on Friday, September 27th, at Findlay Market. Chris Glass and I designed seven of the 52 flags for several West Side Neighborhoods.


TDC Code of Ethics

Most design students don’t take a class on ethics in design school. I didn’t, and neither have my students (at DAAP). I suppose that wasn’t such big deal until recently. Graphic design wasn’t always known for its consequences. 

Vivienne Castillo suggests that designers start by writing their own code of ethics. That inspired me to give an extra credit assignment in my User-Centered Design course, where the students are to come up their own code of ethics by the end of the semester.

That’s all fine and great. But I don't even have my own code of ethics. How can I ask my students to do something that I hadn't done myself? That question led me to my first take on a code of ethics. I decided to keep my set simple. It’s three points. They’re inspired by Jesus’ temptation by the Devil. Before you discount that source, think about it. It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe in the carpenter.



Hi, friend, I’ve benefited from the following thoughts and matter this month, and I think you will too:

Albert Borgmann on Taming Technology - Article
I read a bunch of articles related to the relationship between technology and religion for my Research Methods MDes class. It’s fascinating. Of this article, I especially enjoyed the bit about offering your kids hobbies, like gardening, hiking, cooking, art-making, etc. instead of regulating tech usage. Thanks to Mandy S. for sharing.

Just Enough Research - Video
Erika Hall presents a straight forward approach to research that drives more effective design. Watch her talk and go buy her book. I just per-ordered the second edition.

This Beautiful Fantastic - Movie
A touching story of a bookworm with OCD who is terrified of the unpredictability of nature, learning how to design a beautiful garden with her formerly crotchety elderly neighbor.

Burnet Woods - Park
Did you know you can fish without a license in Burnet Woods’ pond? Some local “Cliftonians” use it as a food source. That’s pretty cool. My students are working on a project related to Burnet Woods, and we found out this fun fact from one of their Naturalists, Rachel. Go have a picnic (or, a fish fry)!

40 Text Designs Fails That Are So Bad They’re Good - Photos
The title says it all. Thanks to Jamie S. for sharing.

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