Featured work

Trischler Design Co. calls The Northside Depot home. While I’ll often work from my house, it’s helpful to have a separation between my house and work, by setting up at the Depot. I also get to work alongside talented creatives and thinkers who on multiple occasions have helped me over hurdles on projects. Another perk is that the space is absolutely beautiful and much more professional for meetings and workshops than my house. All that to say, it’s a cool spot with great people, and I want more people to know about it.


In the beginning was the word…

Whether you consider yourself religious or not, you’re likely familiar with these words from the Gospel of John in the Bible. It's a form of the creation story. Beyond religious belief, I consider this a description of the design process because I believe that words drive design. More specifically, words drive effective design.



I've benefited from the following thoughts and matter this month, and I think you will too:

Going Home with Wendell Berry - Article
There’s so much goodness in this interview with Berry including this quote, “We really have to turn against the selfishness of the individualism that sees everybody as a competitor of everybody else. When we see how destructive that is, and we turn against it, then we have our life’s work.” (h/t Christopher)

How Quentin Tarantino Steals From Other Movies - Video Essay
I’ve been encouraging my students to steal inspiration from design history rather than from their contemporaries. Historic design stands up to the test of time. Contemporary design is an infant in the grand scheme of things. This video essay highlights how Tarantino steals from old movies, making something new in the process.

Cut and Paste, 400 Years of Collage - Book/Exhibition
A museum in the UK is exhibiting 400 years of collage. Can’t make it to the UK (like me)? There’s a book. (h/t Austin Kleon)

Strangers In their Own Land - Book
Struggling to understand the other side? Arlie Hochschild (sociologist, UC Berkley) spent five years living in the deep south befriending Tea Party members in attempt to cross the empathy wall and gain insights into their motivations. It’s an easy read that you won’t want to put down.