Why a Workshop

Do you feel like a headless chicken? Running in every which way with seemingly no path or intention in mind; pushed in pulled by the problem of the day. Or, do you feel like a bodiless chicken? Full of ideas and ambition but lack the means to follow through. Either way, the Mindful Brand Workshop might be for you.

The workshop is a four-hour seminar that will uncover your Big Idea, illuminate your customers needs and stories, and set reachable goals for increased revenue, clearer communications, and better efficiency. If we go back to the chicken metaphor, the workshop empowers you and your company or organization feel less chaotic and more connected. It's a useful tool for businesses and organizations of different sizes and experience.


What Do You get

The workshop is a lot like mining for gold. It's hard work and what we discover will be unpolished at first sight. However, all of that unrefined information collected is converted into the following outputs.

Trischler Design Co. Mindful Brand Workshop

The Big Idea

One to five words that sum your core identity. These words, though not necessarily external, influence the direction of visual and verbal brand identity, design, marketing, and strategy.  

Trischler Design Co. Mindful Brand Workshop


What are your goals to increase revenue, communicate more transparently, and with higher efficiency? These goals clarify the short, mid, and long-term goals post-workshop.  

Trischler Design Co. Mindful Brand Workshop

Brand Statement

An elevator pitch of sorts that covers your product or service, target audience, culture, voice, and desired impact.

Trischler Design Co. Mindful Brand Workshop

Competitive Breakdown

Who is your competition regionally, nationally, and internationally? What do they look like and how do they sound? What will your business or organization do stick out within the crowd?

Trischler Design Co. Mindful Brand Workshop

Customer Personas

Personas are like buckets. They're not about a specific person, but representations of the stories and needs of the different groups or categories of people you reach.

Trischler Design Co. Mindful Brand Workshop

Divergent Pathways

Inspiration and creativity can come from surprising places. You'll receive examples outside of your field/expertise that will influence future strategies.


Then what

There's no incorrect way to implement the results except by not using them. With a seasoned title insurance company the results were used to direct a brand identity refresh which included a new logo, copywriting, and website. An educational non-profit used the results to influence the strategy of their annual appeal and grant writing. Trischler Design Co. underwent the workshop which resulted in a name change (formerly Work With D.J.), new website, and tons of fodder for future developments. How you use the results is up to you, and the effectiveness ultimately comes down to the actions taken not during but after the workshop.


What Do You need

Trischler Design Co. Mindful Brand Workshop

Four to Five hours

On a business day, preferably. Mornings are preferable as that is when people are usually the sharpest.



Trischler Design Co. Mindful Brand Workshop

Five to Six People 

Think about friends, family, colleagues, customers, coworkers, mentors, or coaches. It's useful to have different perspectives your company or organization.

Trischler Design Co. Mindful Brand Workshop

Upfront Investment

The workshop is an investment of money as well as time. The cost of the seminar covers a facilitator, co-facilitator, and pre- and post-workshop research and analysis. For workshop pricing, please contact dj@trischlerdesign.com.

Trischler Design Co. Mindful Brand Workshop

Others Have Said...

As a small nonprofit with deeply committed staff and volunteers, we were looking for a team who would get into the trenches with us. Trischler Design Co. was the perfect design partner. They brought a reflective and engaged approach. D.J. led us through a Mindful Brand workshop that took us to new places. What emerged was an eye-catching and compelling story – a new way to represent our organization that yielded our largest ever annual campaign results.
— Julie Witten, Breakthrough Cincinnati
It is easy to get in the weeds when you are starting a company or when scaling your work, but it is critical to your success that you pause and think strategically about your work and how your spending your time; and this workshop facilitates the process in a fun creative way so that can occur! I recommend that every organization takes the time and works with Trischler Design Co. to further discover their identity!
— Katie Nzekwu, Villedge