Schickel to Sichuan

Having so much enjoyed my first visit to Loveland to see the work of William Schickel, I went back for a second visit in the same week. This time on a date with Meg. 

William Schickel and local Cincinnati artist David Day designed the poster above. It's quite beautiful in its own regard. In the interest of saving money, Schickel did studies for paintings on the backside of these posters.


I picked up on new details this visit like the logo Schickel stamped near his signature. 


Meg and I stopped at Plain Room and picked up several records by mo artists we've never heard of before. One include of which included a hammered dulcimerist. 


Upon many recommendations, Meg and I went to Sichuan Chilli for dinner. Anthony Bourdain introduced us to the cuisine via Parts Unknown episode 3, season 8


The food was incredible and far too much for Meg and I to finish ourselves. 


Our date closed with a stroll through the CAM International Market.

The Mercantile

I spent the morning at The Mercantile Library in Downtown Cincinnati. It's indeed an incredible place. It's great to be surrounded by so much diverse material. I hope to start using it on Saturday mornings to read and prepare for my fall course at DAAP. 

Side note: Membership is ridiculously cheap. Go sign up. 

The Ox, The Bowl, and Steph

Megan (my wife) and Troy Bronsink (director of The Hive) are co-facilitating a circle of entrepreneurs (myself included) who are interesting connecting their work to contemplative practices. Pictured, Megan (front and center with back to the camera) shares as our second gathering closes.


Here's Steph. She's pretty awesome. Megan and I had dinner with her at Moriah Pie.


I had lunch with Shawn today. You might know him from Cincy Stories. I've known Shawn for a couple of years, but we've never had a conversation beyond three minutes. Scratching the surface won't cut it any longer now that we're in a cohort together at The Hive for entrepreneurs. We ended up sharing our stories over a burrito (his) and a tempeh reuben (mine) at Ruth's in Northside. I enjoyed hearing the story behind the man who's shone a light on the stories of so many others.

Ashes to Indian Food

Today was Ash Wednesday. For those of us with a Christian tradition, Ash Wednesday commences a 40 day period of remembrance and anticipation. The Ash Wednesday service is meant to remind us that from dust we've come and to dust we'll return. 


After the service, a few of us had Indian food at Adeep India. Not going to lie. It felt a little gluttonous for the start of Lent.  


But it tasted so good.


Later, we celebrated/mourned the departure of our friend Christopher (on the left next to the guy with the ashes). Pat, always a joker, hid his face in the photo. A lot going on here. Take a minute to explore the various items found in the photo like the "gratitude jar" at the center of the table, the marvelous cookie/brownie, a book of inventions, a telescope, and a robot. 

A Morning With Mr. Schickel

Mandy Smith, the pastor of the church I attend, coordinated a field trip to Loveland, Ohio to visit the gallery of the late artist William Schickel (1919-2009) and to explore the Oratory he designed nearby at a place called Grailville. I hadn't heard of Shickel before the visit but was happy to play hooky from a morning of work.

It was a good decision. I was blown away by Schickel's work both on the canvas and in space. It's kind of amazing that a collection like his exists in a little town like Loveland under most peoples noses. It deserves to be seen and you really ought to go see it.


Christopher contemplates while Mandy and Sue wander the labyrinth in the Oratory.


Once a barn, Schickel used what existed or was close at hand to repurpose the space at Grailvaile into a sacred space.


At the gallery, Joe Schickel, William's son, shares some of his father's studies from the archive. 


The diversity of Schickel's repotoire was impressive.


Creativity flows through the generations of Schickels. Tom Schickel, William's grandson, plays a song he wrote on a baby grand.


Group photo! 

Many thanks to Joe, Susan, and Tom Shickel for the hospitality. Kudos to Mandy for sharing her love of Schickel. 

Interested in William Schickel? Visit the gallery website to learn more or set up an appointment.

Dinner with Ben

Meg and I finally had our upstairs neighbor over for dinner. Meg kicked things off by asking Ben to tell his story. As Ben put it, his past is "checkered," having lived on the West Coast, East Coast, in the Mid-West and South and working as a farmer, grant writer, home remodeler, artist, and community gardener. Ben has a good story and we look forward to getting to know him even better... Next time over bourbon. 

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V+V Commonplace Opening Reception

I finally paid a visit to Visionaries + Voices for the first time for the opening reception of Commonplace (thanks for Julia for the patient prodding). There was so much wonderful artwork. The photo above, from a series, made me laugh. 


Julia with a piece by Curtis.


I'm inspired by how prolific the V+V artists are (as represented but the three photos above). They just create for the sake of creating it seems. The end results are beautiful. I would love to apprentice with a V+V artist. There's so much I could learn.