A Morning With Mr. Schickel


Mandy Smith, the pastor of the church I attend, coordinated a field trip to Loveland, Ohio to visit the gallery of the late artist William Schickel (1919-2009) and to explore the Oratory he designed nearby at a place called Grailville. I hadn't heard of Shickel before the visit but was happy to play hooky from a morning of work.

It was a good decision. I was blown away by Schickel's work both on the canvas and in space. It's kind of amazing that a collection like his exists in a little town like Loveland under most peoples noses. It deserves to be seen and you really ought to go see it.


Christopher contemplates while Mandy and Sue wander the labyrinth in the Oratory.


Once a barn, Schickel used what existed or was close at hand to repurpose the space at Grailvaile into a sacred space.


At the gallery, Joe Schickel, William's son, shares some of his father's studies from the archive. 


The diversity of Schickel's repetoire was impressive.


Creativity flows through the generations of Schickels. Tom Schickel, William's grandson, plays a song he wrote on a baby grand.


Group photo! 

Many thanks to Joe, Susan, and Tom Shickel for the hospitality. Kudos to Mandy for sharing her love of Schickel. 

Interested in William Schickel? Visit the gallery website to learn more or set up an appointment.