Ashes to Indian Food


Today was Ash Wednesday. For those of us with a Christian tradition, Ash Wednesday commences a 40 day period of remembrance and anticipation. The Ash Wednesday service is meant to remind us that from dust we've come and to dust we'll return. 


After the service, a few of us had Indian food at Adeep India. Not going to lie: it felt a little gluttonous for the start of Lent.  


But it tasted so good.


Later, we celebrated/mourned the departure of our friend Christopher (on the left next to the guy with the ashes). Pat, always a joker, hid his face in the photo. A lot going on here. Take a minute to explore the various items found in the photo like the "gratitude jar" at the center of the table, the marvelous cookie/brownie, a book of inventions, a telescope, and a robot.