The Leningrad

20180202-leningrad-2 (1).jpg

I skipped worked today to go see the Cincinnati Symphony perform The Leningrad with my friend Keaton. Keaton's an orchestra buff, so it was extra fun to have his commentary. 

We got the tickets from a guest of Meg's and my Airbnb. The guest is a violist from Cleveland. She was subbing in for the performance.

As a side note, it's lovely to have a musician stay in our home. I walked into the house after work one day to her practicing the viola. It was magical. 

20180202-leningrad-1 (1).jpg

Music Hall was quite striking. This was my first time inside since the renovations. 

We're fortunate to have, what I learned from Keaton to be, a top ten symphony in our city and such a beautiful venue to watch it from.