Schickel to Sichuan


Having so much enjoyed my first visit to Loveland to see the work of William Schickel, I went back for a second visit in the same week. This time on a date with Meg. 

William Schickel and local Cincinnati artist David Day designed the poster above. In the interest of saving money, Schickel did studies for paintings on the backside of posters like these.


I noticed new details like the WS logo stamped near his signature on some pieces. 


Meg and I stopped by Plaid Room Records and picked up several records, one which included a hammer dulcimist. 


Following many recommendations, Meg and I went to Sichuan Chilli for dinner.  Anthony Bourdain piqued our interest in Sichuan cuisine during Parts Unknown episode 3, season 8


The food was incredible and far too much for me and Meg to finish ourselves. 


Our date closed with a stroll through the CAM International Market.