Welcome to Habesha Cafe & Restaurant


Megan and I met up with Chad and Fili for Ethiopian food at Habesha Cafe & Restaurant in Cincinnati's West Side. I was delighted to find a local Ethiopian restaurant having visited the country several years ago and loving its cuisine before and (eventually loving it again) after my trip.


Ethiopian food is wonderful. There are no plates. You eat with your hands. It's very communal. But as I alluded above, I haven't always loved Ethiopian food. During my month-long trip, I had a dreadful stomach virus for a practically a week. I associated the illness with Ethiopian food when in actuality it was likely caused by continually drinking rancid mango juice. Afterward, while not at fault, the sight of Ethiopian food made me gag. Thankfully, my aversion has passed. I enjoyed every bite of our meal at Habesha.


Once we were beyond full and the injera bread had started to expand further in our stomachs, the lovely lady who ran the front of house at Habesha made us coffee in the Ethiopian tradition. 


Fili had his coffee with lots of milk (it's very strong, but good).

Not pictured: After lunch our little crew drove over to an Ethiopian Grocery called Merkato Market (next to Tacos El Joven) to purchase some injera bread and Topo Chico.

Meg and I continually find ourselves surprised and grateful for the international flavors in Cincinnti. While they might not be prevelant or obvious, they're here and they're good.