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Soul Collage II
Clippings after a Soul Collage session.

Clippings after a Soul Collage session.

Today was the second session of Soul Collage at The Hive. While I wish I could share the images I created, that is discouraged by the instructor, as they reveal intimate aspects of the inner life. In their place here are all of the clippings my classmates and I created during the session. 

As mentioned in my first post about the class, it's been a genuinely freeing adventure. To have 2-3 hours in my week just to create without critique or expectations has been an enjoyable experience. I'm starting to see it transfer into my professional work. Just the other day I found myself jumping straight into creating, following my gut, without having to write a brief or follow some 6 step design thinking process (which I typically cling too). I like the idea that design or making in itself can reveal new opportunities, insights, and ideas without heavy-handed controls or processes. That's not to say that critique or processes or event expectations don't have a place. It knowing when to turn them on and off, I guess, that I'm lea


Soul Collage I
Soul Collage Trischler

I'm taking a Soul Collage course at The Hive. I've always enjoyed collage, so the class seemed right up my alley. 

During the class, we mostly spend 2-3 hours collaging; cutting paper and putting the pieces together. The difference between Soul Collage and regular collaging is that the end results give you a picture of what's happening in your internal life. You get there by selecting images by intuition as opposed to affinity. Meaning you don't pick images you like, but pictures that call you for whatever reason. Likewise, when piecing images together, it's not about composition or storytelling. You just place the pieces together as your gut leads. 

It's a freeing practice considering I'm so used to driving toward a destination I already have in mind in my daily design work. In Soul Collage, the end is unknown until you finish; once the pieces are together, and your intuition tells you it's complete. 

Another thing that's liberating is that it's not about perfection or competition. It's merely about connecting to and expressing where you are in the present moment. Again, quite a relief for a designer who always wants to get the solution just right and compares himself to others.

In my first week, I produced seven images. That's a crazy amount for me. It seems my soul has much to say. While I wish I could you the final results, participants are encouraged not to share their images because they are a vulnerable glimpse into one's soul. I dig that. Once again another liberating idea in a world that rewards showing off our seemingly perfect creations/lives.

Organized images. 

Organized images. 

All of our images together.

All of our images together.

Intro to Meditation

I had the privilege of meditating with these beautiful people in an introduction to meditation class at The Hive in Northside, Cincinnati. Joey, on the ground at the left, led the class. He is an excellent teacher; warm, accepting, and knowledgeable. I have been meditating on and off, with and without apps, mostly self-taught, for the last year or so. The course gave me a solid ground to stand on and build from. It was also a lot of fun. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to start from scratch or strengthen an exisiting practice.

The Ox, The Bowl, and Steph

Megan (my wife) and Troy Bronsink (director of The Hive) are co-facilitating a circle of entrepreneurs (myself included) who are interested in connecting  work and contemplative practices. Pictured, Megan (front and center with back to the camera) shares as our second gathering closes.


Here's Steph. She's pretty awesome. Megan and I had dinner with her at Moriah Pie.