Why Brand Identity?

You know who you are as an organization, but roadblocks are keeping you from getting the results you want.

Many businesses and organizations know their goals, target audience, and core message, but there’s a gap between their compelling story and the people it can impact.

A complete brand identity gives you the practical tools to share your Big Idea and get results. Together we'll craft the visual and verbal elements that showcase who you are and all that you have to offer, allowing you to convey a clear, consistent message on a variety of platforms for the years ahead.

Not ready for a Brand Identity? A Brand Strategy Workshop can help you develop your Big Idea first.

Metcut Brand Identity Standards

Metcut Brand Identity Standards

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What Do You Get?

A brand identity is like a wardrobe. It gives you the tools to present yourself—your Big Idea—to your audience. It's more than just a logo; it's how you express your message to the people it can help. A brand identity contains the following elements:



For new businesses and organizations or existing ones looking for a fresh start, it all begins with a name—the first impression people have of you. The right name is clear, compelling, and inviting.


This is your company at a glance. Most trademarks (logo, symbol, monogram, emblem, etc.) are simple, but the process of crafting one that captures your Big Idea and conveys it to others requires time and deep thought. You’ll receive your final trademark in several file types for all the possible needs you may have in the future.

Visual Brand Tools

Beyond a trademark, you'll need a color palette, typeface specifications, image style, and icon style to fully convey your brand in a visually appealing and technically sound way.

Verbal Brand Tools

It’s not just about a look. An identity is a fully unified expression of your Big Idea. We’ll explore the tagline, purpose, values, and more to make sure your voice is clear and consistent.

Prototypes of Your Brand Identity in Context

A wardrobe is nothing if you don't wear it. Here you'll see how your brand could look on business cards, websites, brochures, signs, and more.

Brand Identity Standards Guide

Once you've established your identity, it's important to be consistent. This document sets up some simple rules so that your brand always looks its best for the years ahead.

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Then What?

With your brand identity in hand, you're ready to bring your company's voice to people, across a variety of platforms, in a way that's compelling and consistent—and gets results. It looks different for every company, but you'll be confident in your identity and able to project your best voice.

After a brand identity, many organizations pursue a website to connect their Big Idea to their audience.  

Ali Sandifer Brand Identity

Ali Sandifer Brand Identity

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What Do You Need?


A Strong Sense of Your Message

If you're not clear on who you are, it's impossible to communicate it to others. (If you need to develop your Big Idea first, check out our Brand Strategy Workshop.)

Three to Six Hours

At each phase of the project, we'll meet with your team to present results and get your feedback because your voice is critical to developing the outcome of your brand. The process takes 1-2 months from start to finish.

Upfront Investment

The cost includes time for us to brainstorm together, three rounds of designed work, three presentations, and all the files you'll need to use your new brand identity. The price depends on your needs and the size and complexity of your organization, but most brand identities start at $7,500.

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Others Have Said...


D.J. incorporated all of the emotions, values and messaging into the identity that captured the soul of the company. It was a great experience, and I will continue to recommend D.J. brand identity projects.
— Kevin Gold, Next Leap Strategy
It was clear, from my first phone call with D.J. that he was much more than a graphic designer. His holistic approach to design is refreshing.
— Steve Scroggins, Scroggins