Why a workshop?

You have to know who you are before you can communicate that message to others.

Too often organizations run aimlessly, tripping over seemingly insignificant details, or they are brimming with ideas and energy that never quite get off the ground. Either way, it's frustrating, and you never reach your potential.

The Brand Messaging & Strategy Workshop will help your business or organization feel less chaotic and more connected to its core purpose. Though a collaborative discussion we'll uncover your Big Idea, understand your audience, set goals, and more.

Already clear on your Big Idea? Brand Identity Design can give you a full set of tools to share it, and Website Design can help you connect it with your audience.

Scroggins Brand Workshop

Scroggins Brand Workshop


What do you get?

The workshop is a lot like mining for gold. It's difficult work, and the things we discover will appear rough and unpolished at first. But then we’ll refine the raw information we collect into these immensely value elements.

What’s the Big idea?

The Big Idea is one to five words that sum up your core purpose. These words influence the direction for future visual and verbal brand identity, design, marketing, and strategy.

Messaging framework

The messaging framework is a set of guidelines that cohesively communicates your product or service, audience, culture, voice, values and ambition. The framework makes sure your messaging is clear and consistent across channels.


We identify the archetypes of the people you’re aiming to interact with—a representation of the accumulated stories and needs each part of your audience. Often, we’ll interview project stakeholders and customers or donors before or after the workshop to get their direct perspective.

Landscape profile

What are other organizations doing that we should be mindful of? Who is working in your field regionally, nationally, and globally? What do they look like and how do they sound? How does your business or organization fit in—and how do you stand out? These questions help determine your purpose, mission, and values and shape how you express who you are and what you do.


Now we’ll look ahead to how this new, deeper understanding will transform how you think and act as an organization. What are your goals for increased revenue, transparent communication, and increased efficiency? These goals will define and clarify the short-, mid-, and long-term strategy. Brand mandates are values and intentions that are central to your identity—and your success. They are overarching principles that guide choices about your look, voice, and interactions with your audience.

Divergent pathways

Creativity and inspiration come from surprising places. Together we’ll analyze examples of case studies from outside of your field/expertise that can influence your future strategies.


Then what?

There’s really no incorrect way to implement the findings.

At the end of the workshop, you'll be refreshed and energized, brimming with renewed passion and new ideas. And once you have the full workshop results in hand, you'll have the tools you need to begin finding ways to use your brand's voice to communicate with your audience.  

After the workshop, many organizations pursue a complete brand identity and then a website to connect their Big Idea to their audience.

Branch & Night Drop Brand Workshop

Branch & Night Drop Brand Workshop


What do you need?


Five to six people 

Your sample group—handpicked from colleagues, friends, customers, donors, coworkers, family, mentors, coaches, or anyone willing to share a thoughtful perspective on your organization.

Four to five hours

Preferably on a business work day. Mornings are best—that’s when people are usually the sharpest. After the workshop, we’ll compile and present the full results in 2 weeks.

Upfront investment

The cost of the seminar includes a facilitator, co-facilitator, and pre- and post-workshop research and analysis. The price depends on your needs and the size and complexity of your organization, but most workshops start at $3,000.


Others have said...

As a small nonprofit with deeply committed staff and volunteers, we were looking for a team who would get into the trenches with us. Trischler Design Co. was the perfect design partner. They brought a reflective and engaged approach. D.J. led us through a workshop that took us to new places. What emerged was an eye-catching and compelling story – a new way to represent our organization that yielded our largest ever annual campaign results.
— Julie Witten, Breakthrough Cincinnati
It is easy to get in the weeds when you are starting a company or when scaling your work. That makes it all the more important to pause and think strategically about your work and how you’re spending your time; and this workshop facilitates the process in a fun, creative way so that can occur! I recommend that every organization takes the time and works with Trischler Design Co. to further discover their identity!
— Katie Nzekwu, Villedge