Why Website Design?

If your website isn't communicating who you really are, you miss the chance to connect with people who really care.

An ineffective website can result in frustration, confusion, and lost potential. Your message gets lost, and your audience wanders off.

Our Website Design services help you present your organization's identity effectively. Together we'll craft the visual elements that showcase who you are, the practical functionality users need, and other streamlined solutions.

Not ready for a website? A Brand Messaging & Strategy Workshop can help you develop your Big Idea and a Brand Identity can give you a full set of tools to share it.

Technetitle Website Design

Technetitle Website Design


What Do You Get?

A strong website isn't simply a place for transactions. It's place to showcase who you are and connect your Big Idea to your audience. Here are the elements that make your website an asset to meeting your goals.



What you say matters, not just how the site looks. Our copywriters will convey your voice on every page so that your audience can respond to your Big Idea.

E-Commerce & Donations

Squarespace makes it easy to showcase and sell your products or to raise money to support your work. It’s all fully secure and easy to use—for you and your customers or donors.

3 to 7 Designed Pages

About pages, product pages, contact forms, and more—every site is a bit different. Every page has a unified look, easy to use navigation, and all the functionality your users need. And it all fully aligns with your Big Idea.

Squarespace Hosting/CMS

A website isn’t a one-time event, it’s living part of your business. Squarespace web hosting and content management systems make it easy to keep your site up to date and secure.

Add-On Tools

We can add any function you need to help your site meet your goals—newsletter signup to collect names, basic SEO setup, social media branding/best practices, and more.


Learn how to use your new toy. We’ll provide a quick, in-depth tutorial to help you navigate your site, update it, and effectively engage with your audience.

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Then What?

With your new easy to navigate, visually appealing website, you’re ready to get results. Your audience will be able to connect with you and understand and respond to your Big Idea. Every website is a different, but yours is tailored to meet your goals and help your business or organization reach its potential.

After a website, many organizations pursue ongoing web and print design services, or when it’s time for a renewed vision, a Brand Message Workshop.

Scroggins Website Design

Scroggins Website Design


What Do You Need?

A Strong Sense of Your Message & Identity

If you're not clear on who you are, it's impossible to communicate it to others. (If you need to develop your voice first, check out our Brand Strategy Workshop.) A website is just one piece of your brand's voice, and every piece needs to work together. A clear brand identity makes that possible. (If you need to craft your voice first, check out our Complete Brand Identity services.)

Three to Six Hours

At each phase of the project, we'll meet with your team to present results and get your feedback because your voice is critical to developing a site that meets your needs. The process takes about 2 months from start to finish.

Upfront Investment

The cost includes time for us to brainstorm together, three rounds of designed work, three presentations, and all the functionality you'll need to use your new website. The price depends on your needs and the size and complexity of your organization, but most websites start at $6,000.