What You Get


Logo – All of your logo files

  • B&W: Primarily for designers and printers (when a black or white logo is required)
    • Black– Includes all black only logo for designers and printers
    • White– Includes all white logo for designers and printers
  • Print: For any use that includes printed materials
    • CMYK– For digital printers, laser printers, or ink jets
    • eps– For designers and printers
    • tiff– For in office use (flyers, letterhead, etc…)
    • Pantone (pms)– For offset printers. Also helpful for matching paint colors. You will not likely use these for in office use. These files are mostly for designers and printers. 
  • Screen: For any use that is on a screen (monitor/device)
    • eps– For printers and designers
    • favicon– For web developers and designers
    • jpg– For in office use (ms word, powerpoint, etc…)
    • png– Like a jpg (above) but it is transparent. Great for when you want to place the logo over an image or color background.  


The identity standards for your company. Future designers, writers, printers, and developers should have access to these standards so to maintain consistent communications.

See an example.