About Trischler Design Co.

At Trischler Design Co., we help you uncover the Big Idea of your organization and communicate it to the people you want to reach. In a world that’s more and more distracted, we make sure you stand out for what you stand for.


Our core attributes and qualities

We're enthusiastic.

For us, it's about more than just doing a job—we're truly excited by crafting a compelling message. We're energized by revealing and honing the stories and ideas of passionate people into a singular, distinctive voice. We love to see teams dream together and achieve their goals in new, innovative ways.

We're thoughtful.

We value the process behind discovery, so we think creatively and connect ideas to fit the strengths and needs of your team. Clarity in your mission and message comes from using information thoughtfully, looking carefully for unexpected inspiration. We help you examine and explore your story—and how you communicate it with others.

We're resourceful.

We’re inspired by design and creative thinking from a wide variety of sources, and we love to find unexpected ways to use those ideas to reveal and deliver each organization’s Big Idea in ways that are fresh, beautiful, and powerful. No matter the challenges you’re facing, we’ll do whatever it takes to find the best solution tailored to your needs and goals.

We're collaborative.

We're a team of diverse talents who work together well. We share a collective mission and celebrate the way each person is a vital part of the final product. The result blends many elements into one clear voice. You’re part of the team—we value the voices, experiences, and collective wisdom you bring.

D.J. Trischler, owner & design director

D.J. finds beauty in simple things like vanilla ice cream and tacos. He savors a contemplative pace and can often be found walking somewhere with lots of trees. He lives with his wonderful wife Megan in Cincinnati's Price Hill Neighborhood.

Those qualities—simple beauty, mindfulness, and deeply rooted personal identity—infuse his work. He enjoys collaborating to find solutions that are thoughtfully streamlined, visually stunning, and true to each organization's unique identity.

In addition to heading up Trischler Design Co., D.J. is an adjunct professor at University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, teaching user-centered design and senior capstone courses.

D.J. Trischler, The Owner and Design Director of Trischler Design Co.