Branch and Night Drop

We designed the Brand Identity for a restaurant and basement bar located within a beautiful Art Deco style building that once served as a community bank for Cincinnati’s East Walnut Hills neighborhood.

Front entrance to Branch.

Front entrance to Branch.


Branch and Night Drop serve unexpected combinations to curious epicures in a nostalgic atmosphere, with an original twist.

Announcement Card for Branch & Night Drop.

Announcement Card for Branch & Night Drop.

In 1921 Central Trust opened the doors of it’s first branch in East Walnut Hills. The bank was opened and managed by Robert B. Trame with his colleague, John J. Early as guard. Trame and Early were familiar faces in the neighborhood and beyond, known for their warm welcome and fine service. As the doors reopen 80 years later, Branch & Night Drop share their mission of building an institution at the center of the community with a warm welcome for all, offering food and drinks of uncommonly high quality. Come, get acquainted and let us serve you.


Neon Sign for Night Drop - The lower case “g” looks like an owl caricature.

Match Books for Branch (& Night Drop - on opposite side).

Trischler Design Co. kicked the project off with brand workshop with the Branch and Night Drop team. From our time together we identified several themes that led the brand identity design forward. The first was the two owl statues above the front entrance. Second, when chef Shoshannah Anderson described the many unique food offerings or one of the owner’s, Matt Distel, talked about the art that would adorn walls, we kept thinking, “that’s an unexpected combination.” Lastly, we heard a desire to welcome everyone back into the community bank building that has longed for life within it for several decades. We determined that this place should be anything but pretentious or highfaluting. It should welcome.

Website for Branch –  Make a Reservation.

Website for Branch – Make a Reservation.

As a result, the owls became an identifier alongside the Branch and Night Drop wordmark logos. They’re gestural to reflect the spirit and life brimming from the gorgeous art deco building. Though it’s not communicated, we secretly believe the owls represent Robert B. Trame (bank manager) and John J. Early (guard) of the original bank. Often, the owls are drawn over images or backgrounds as an expression of “unexpected combinations.” Likewise, the Branch and the Night Drop wordmarks are a distinct yet connected mix. The Branch Wordmark alludes to owls perched on a tree limb and the Night Drop wordmark points “downstairs” to the basement bar.


The Owls on Staff Shirts.

Branch Dinner & Wine Menu


Trischler Design Co. aided with naming. The client already had "Night Drop" decided but hadn’t solidified a name for the restaurant. We proposed "Branch" since the building was the first branch of Central Trust (the original bank in the building). Beyond banking terminology, we saw the name as referring to a limb (or branch) where owls hangout. Furthermore, it refers to an extension of a family tree, revealing the client’s aspiration to be the family of friends you choose. The name is also expressed through a giant tree limb on which a variety of owls perch across the building’s windows designed and installed by Jon Flannery and Julia Lipovsky.

Jon and Julia install the Branch window mural.

Jon and Julia install the Branch window mural.

Outdoor Signage by Justin Green and Mark Rozik.
Copy Editing by Colin Moore.
Window Mural by Jon Flannery and Julia Lipovsky.
Night Drop wall mural and bathroom illustrations by Karen Boyhen.
Historic Research by Adrienne Cowden.

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