2018 Kunsthaus Posters

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Presentation Round 2

Click/tap on each see closer.

Kunsthaus Posters - Vertical

Kunsthaus Posters - Horizontal

tdc Line.jpg

Design Notes:

  • The three colors (blue, green, beige) are Kunst colors.

  • Didn’t want to over power the images with the text, but also didn’t want the text to be too small. First you see the image, then you read the text. The text will actually be quite large in real-life. Very easy to read from a few feet back.

  • It’s pretty conservative as far as the layout goes, but didn’t want the layout to overpower the work the artist put into their work.

  • You’ll notice there’s no paragraph breaks but instead a pilcrow (¶) at the breaks in text. That’s borrowed from the New York Times Magazine “Words Page so it’s no necessarily uncommon or unconventional. It also saves lots of space.