Reading Feed & Garden Seasonal Mailchimp Templates


Logo Update

Before After_1.png

Why update the logo?

The logo was updated first and foremost because the original logo wasn't editable. As a .png file, it's complicated to increase the size and change the colors. That meant recreating the logo as a vector file (in Adobe Illustrator). Additional minor updates were made to improve visibility and readability. Before, Reading was hard to read because the curve was too exaggerated and part of the lettering was hidden behind the Feed & Garden bar. The shovel and feed bag were removed for a couple of reasons. First, your name already says Feed & Garden, so you don't need to show icons. Second, they took up extra space. Removing them makes more room to increase the size of the text in your logo. The images aren't eradicated, however, because there are even more in use on the header of the newsletter and in the tote bag example below. 

It's worth noting that this is a slight refresh of your current logo. It's not a total rebrand. Meaning, it's going to be familiar to your existing customers. Most will probably not notice the difference. Again, that goes back to the change being mostly driven by the purpose of practicality. 

Merchandise (Extra)

Shirt 0749-1 2018-04-12.jpeg
Bag 0610-9 2018-04-12.jpeg