Our Services

Trischler Design Co. provides brand identity and design services that help you stand out for what you stand for. Together we’ll discover your Big Idea and deliver it to the people you want to reach.


Our Mindful Design Approach

2. Direction

We thoughtfully experiment with insights gathered from Discovery to explore potential strategies and themes. Before we move forward to the next step, our team will present the best option, showing how we’ve crafted it to meet you needs. Your feedback is essential to shaping a solution that fits your needs. At every phase of the process, we listen to your voice as a guide.

1. Discovery

We begin every project by connecting with you so that who you are shapes every step of the process. We facilitate conversations with members of your team and community, and we look at messaging and design from your organization and others like yours. From those sources, we discover themes and strengths essential to the direction of the project.

4. Deliver

We deliver the finalized design, along with a no-nonsense guide that explains how to consistently and confidently share your new brand identity or website. As you move forward, we’ll be there to answer questions about how to implement your new design and make the most of your new tools.

3. Reveal

We craft and reveal a proposed design solution, showcasing it through a collection of sample tools, prototypes, and materials—like a logo, homepage, or business cards—to help you get a sense of the new, unified voice and look.


Our Core Services

Here’s what we do best at Trischler Design Co. If you want to give your brand complete confidence and continuity, start with a team workshop, then we’ll create a brand identity and build a website.

Messaging & Strategy
Uncover Your Big Idea

Identity Design
Communicate your Big Idea

Website Design
Spread your Big Idea

What it is: A Brand Messaging and Strategy Workshop is a collaborative discussion that will help uncover your Big Idea, understand your audience, set goals, and more.

Who it's for: A workshop is the best fit for leaders, teams, and individuals who want their business or organization to feel less chaotic and more connected to its purpose.

What you'll get: A comprehensive document containing your Big Idea, brand statement, audience personas, competitive breakdown, and goals to guide you as you move ahead.

Time: The workshop takes 4-5 hours and the results are compiled and presented in 2 weeks.

Cost: Starts at $3,000

What it is: A complete brand identity gives you the practical tools to share your Big Idea clearly and consistently and get results.

Who it's for: A brand identity is ideal for those who know who they are as an organization but need to connect their Big Idea to their audience.

What you'll get: All the visual and verbal tools you need to share your Big Idea—including logo, colors, typefaces, taglines—and examples of how to implement your new brand.

Time: The process takes 1-2 months,
including check-in presentations.

Cost: Starts at $6,000

What it is: A website helps you present your company's identity effectively in order to connect with your audience and communicate your Big Idea.

Who it's for: If you’re clear on who you are and what you want to do, but need to give your audience the tools to respond to you Big Idea, a website is a good bet.

What you'll get: A website tailored to the needs and voice of your business or organization, made through Squarespace (custom websites also available).

Time: The process takes 2 months, including 3 check-in presentations.

Cost: Starts at $6,000


Don't see what you're looking for, or not sure what service best fits your needs? We offer a variety of services tailored to each client. Tell us about your needs.