Northside Depot One-Pager

The Northside Depot One-Pager

The Northside Depot One-Pager

Trischler Design Co. calls The Northside Depot home. While I’ll often work from my house, it’s helpful to have a separation between my house and work, by setting up at the Depot. I also get to work alongside talented creatives and thinkers who on multiple occasions have helped me over hurdles on projects. Another perk is that the space is absolutely beautiful and much more professional for meetings and workshops than my house. All that to say, it’s a cool spot with great people, and I want more people to know about it.

The Depot has been open for about two years. I’ve worked there since the beginning. If you haven’t heard of The Depot, that’s because it’s been mostly operating under the radar. We have a handful of members. Each of them has found out about the space through the referrals of friends and colleagues. To better spread the word, The Depot recently launched a new single-page website highlighting the stunning interior/exterior, pricing, and amenities.

Having facilitated a messaging and strategy workshop for The Depot, I was excited when Tom, the owner, asked me to design them a site. Zan McQuade, a copywriter, and Depot coworker wrote the copy and Jim Corbett, a friend of the Depot, captured the fantastic photographs of the space. My role was mostly to bring it all together in a simple, no-nonsense fashion.

It’s a simple site, but it covers all of the necessary information that a prospective coworker needs to understand if The Depot is an option and how to get in touch to visit the space. Additionally, it’s something Tom can now share with confidence on his networks. That’s a win in my book.

Visit the Depot website.