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What are we looking at this week?


Google Arts & Culture (website)
It's very easy to get lost in here.

George Heilmeier’s Method for Solving Research Challenges (Article)
Good questions lead to better answers. Revisit this early and often.

Exit West (Book)
This book was truly touching. I continue to linger on this quote,, "We're all migrants through time."

If Edward Hopper Used Instagram and Facebook (Article)
Learning about Hopper and found these funny memes along the way.

New Logo and Packaging for Diet Coke (Article)
"One thing that seems clear, and made overt in this case, is that major brands are contorting to Millennials and the resulting design expressions are coming out too forced."

Tracing the Hallowed Graphic Posters of the Zurich Schauspielhaus (Article)
Gosh. These posters punch me un the gut in the the greatest way possible.

'The Crown' Characters With Their Real-Life Counterparts (Article)
Meg and I love The Crown. It's pretty amazing how well it was casted. Thanks to Lindsey for the share.

How To Think, in eight easy steps (Article)
What if we reflect, instead of react?

Is this the perfect playground full of junk? (Article)
I’m so jealous of these Welsh children.

35 Insightful Questions from the Proust Questionnaire (Article)
Ask better questions. Have better conversations. I'm going to start asking these on Facebook.

What are we looking at this week?

Two Very Different Kinds of Illustration (article)
In a recent conversation at the Depot, I mentioned that the illustrations on my apps are starting to blend together. Chris, my studio mate, pointed out that there's an article for that.

Investors to Apple: Fight iPhone addiction among kids (article)
Just this past semester, I had my students explore screen addiction as an assignment (one day I'll share the results). Articles like this validate the problem the students were working to understand and offer humble solutions toward.

Warren Buffett’s daily breakfast allowance (article)
Stay humble.

Simple, Stylized Minimalistic Devices Mockups (product)
Entranced by the design. Looks like a solid tool for the UX designer. I'm still sticking with as my goto tool.

Brand New: The Best and Worst Identities of 2017 (article)
I don't keep up with BN on the daily, so it's catch up on the best and worst of 2017 in one place.

Femke Colaris (portfolio)
These illustrations are wonderful. Heard through Tina.

Messy: The Power of Disorder to Transform Our Lives (book)
When we let go of control, our creativity flourishes. Tim proves it. In the middle of this book and loving it.

When trees don′t want to touch each other (article)
Look up next time you walk in the woods.

Roxane Gay: “I’m Really Bad At Saying No." (video)
"My no is an actual no." I like that. Beautiful words and video.

Extraordinary Routines (website)
My routine for 2018? Keep it simple. Go to bed early. Wake at 5:30. Meditate for 20. Read a verse. Pray for others. Do 3 sun salutations. Run or walk (with no music or podcast). Read something inspiring over breakfast. Go to work by 8:30. 

10 New Principles Of Good Design (article)
There's some goof stuff in here. In particular, I liked this line, "Good design chases more than clicks."