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Sisters to Siri

Technologies like the internet disrupt industries through the decentralization of information. Is the same true for religious institutions? That is a question I had in mind when I began my first assignment in Research Methods at the University of Cincinnati’s MDes program at DAAP. We were tasked with interviewing several members from different generations of our family about a topic of our choice so that we may discover associations across the participants. My subject was Catholicism (my family’s faith tradition) and how it has or has not been influenced by technologies across different generations.

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Three Things I Didn’t Learn in Design School

This month, Katie Parker, a fellow DAAP professor, asked me to share with her Professional Practices class what it's like running an independent design business. I took the opportunity to share the practical, non-sexy, advice I wish someone gave me before I started my business.

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Mid-Semester Lessons from Capstone

It’s the end of February, and we’re about at the half-way point through the spring semester. I’ve been teaching the Senior Capstone course at DAAP. The primary purpose of Capstone is for the students to exhibit the skills they’ve acquired during the last four years at DAAP. In that way, “teacher” isn’t quite the right description for my role because the end goal isn’t to learn from me. My job is to help the students express their knowledge and to encourage them through the most extended project they’ve worked on to date. It’s a lot more like the role of a coach. 

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